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14 August 2013

What can brand owners expect from online advertising?

Driven by technology, the uptake of tablets, the reliance on smart phones, and the proliferation of platforms and formats, advertising will become more interactive, personalised, engaging and useful.

This means that the number of ways people can be introduced or reintroduced to brands, products or services, is rapidly increasing and providing advertisers with new opportunities and challenges.

Both brand managers and purchasers are welding new power. Advertisers have an opportunity to connect with people intuitively (it is estimated that, on average, each adult is exposed to 250-640 brand messages every day) and recipients can engage, ignore or opt-out.

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The future of online advertising is not solely about technology. It is about how advertisers can deliver an experience which positively influences and generates action because value is derived. To achieve this, advertisers need to imaginatively deliver a message that resonates, and is framed within the content to which the recipient is naturally drawn.

Here are some online formats we see in the market:

  • Standard (static) ad - banner, leader, MPU, button
  • Expanding (animated) ad - banner, rectangle, sky
  • Contextual (in-page) ad - interactive button or MPU with / without video
  • Page takeover - 'wallpaper', 'over-the-page', 'peel'
  • Special - film strip ad, 3D cube,
  • Text link

Bursting the bubble

So there are multiple formats for delivering a message and achieving varying experiences: some subtle, some less so. But we must remember that men respond differently to women when it comes to their response to advertising. What can work for consumer brands will not necessarily work for business to business. For example, would an asset manager targeting financial intermediaries choose display ads delivered via mobile? Probably not, unless the ads were embedded into workflows received through trusted data or trade news bulletins perhaps. And then links would be more effective, or apps.

Generating greatest value

Advertisers who address the following are best placed to maximise ROI:

  • incorporate an interactive and personalised mobile strategy to underline relevance and make your product or service compelling, or build brand familiarity, 'feel good' and trust
  • be prepared to customise messages to make them contextually relevant to each target audience
  • capitalise on technology such as Millenial Media‚Äôs MYDAS engine and networks to provide experiences that increase user engagement
  • deliver value added content that inspires and instils brand loyalty

Finally, advertisers need to continually refine their online strategies and integrate them within traditional brand and other 'touch' points (networking, one to one, email marketing, strategic sponsorship, trade press, intelligent PR and adaptive and segmented web content).

Chris Abraham leads and heads media investment management and media planning and buying.

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