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14 August 2013

OEM marketing that makes sense

Kia Motors Europe has renewed its technical partnership with Shell Lubricants for a further five years. It's a good example of an OEM protecting and nurturing its relationship with a vehicle manufacturer and taking the long-term approach with distributors, dealers and motorists.

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It's a 'win-win' situation for all. Shell will provide technical knowledge to Kia mechanics and service technicians to further their understanding and appreciation of lubricants, and impact on service. For customers, engine oil change stickers and oil top-up kits will be provided to raise awareness of how Shell motor oil keeps the engine running smoothly.

Shell is investing in its brand, technical fitment reputation, relevance to service standards and awareness. It is leveraging its OE relationship and a natural route to market (via the VM sales and distribution network) to reach motorists and underline its commitment to excellence and service standards.

It reminds me of what was achieved with LuK for passenger cars when we moved to market a lifetime warranty in the UK aftermarket. Stickers and in-car rear view hangers were used to educate the motorist about clutch care and deliver branding for LuK. Another example of an OEM working with the trade and intelligently managing its brand.

Not enough OEMs think strategically and long term when it comes to education and enlightenment, and leveraging OEM relationships through vehicle manufacturers. Most are poor communicators of the OE story. Imagine if Shell replicated this approach with five other vehicle manufacturers and tied in distribution of product at the same time. The OE story should also support premium pricing and extend brand differentiation. Come to think of it, I cannot recall which lubricant brands Nissan GB, Toyota UK or BMW Mini fit as OE. But at least I now recognise Kia as a genuine part customer for Shell.

Chris Abraham leads, a communications agency with significant automotive and automotive aftermarket experience. We specialise in building brands, distribution and the promotion of OE to justify premium pricing.

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